About us
400 +
deals, projects, disputes
$ 100 BN
aggregated value
100 +
lawyers & advocates
Rybalkin, Gortsunyan, Dyakin and Partners (RGD), a leading law firm established in 2018, which combines a premier dispute resolution practice and a high-end corporate practice dedicated to complex projects and transactions.

From our offices in Moscow, Yerevan, Tashkent, Belgrade, Dubai and Ras-Al-Khaimah we support clients from all over the world in their business dealings in our key practice areas involving Russia and CIS countries. In addition, our firm offers unparalleled expertise in foreign legal matters to Russian companies with significant international presence. In the current geopolitical conditions we have all necessary resources required for supporting Russian and international clients and providing them with legal services implementing the best international quality and professional ethics standards.

We are a cohesive team of seasoned professionals with a background in leading international law firms.

Our lawyers have worked on the largest corporate deals, investigations and disputes in the history of modern Russia and represented Russian companies in over 170 jurisdictions worldwide.

Our approach

Some of the best contests are those that have never happened

we work diligently, thoughtfully and tenaciously to assist the parties to achieve a reasonable compromise

Where there’s a will, there’s a way

we work creatively, proactively and meticulously on each task, no matter how challenging

Don’t beat about the bush

we are not afraid to be unpleasant or to appear aggressive when required

In a conflict one needs to know how to attack fast and to defend steadfastly

we have been on both sides of a conflict and know what to do and can traditionally predict what to expect

There is power in the truth

we speak in a direct and open manner to our clients just as we expect from them and we are not afraid to say ‘no’

Leave no stone unturned

we believe there is no superfluous information, so in our review of information we are usually able to locate potential by finding something that others thought to be redundant

All’s well that ends well

conflict is a process, but it needs to end with some specific, hopefully quick and reasonable result

Give me a fulcrum, and I will move the world

we always look for new ways to approach an instruction. We usually start our work with asking a client to introduce us to background and key facts of a case and even other counsel’s work product. We are then typically able to offer new ideas by looking at the world through fresh eyes

From soup to nuts

we manage our cases throughout and offer ‘turnkey’ solutions to our clients who trust us to engage other specialists whose expertise or skill could benefit the case, such as PR and image consultants, court experts, forensic accountants, IT experts, lobbyists and government relations specialists, investigative consultants, foreign studies experts and translators. We don't do everything; we do only what we do well.