Our culture

  • We have ingested the best of both Russian soul and Western work ethics

  • We value equally the quality and timeliness of advice

  • We prefer to give proactive and not reactive advice

  • We persevere and go the extra mile to achieve the best result for our clients

  • Our compensation model promotes quality and efficiency

What distinguishes us

All of our lawyers in addition to impeccable legal qualifications have advanced cultural and language skills that are required to undertake major Russian or international legal assignments in any part of the world, from walking into a first meeting on a hostile M&A transaction, to briefing counsel in an offshore jurisdiction to obtain an ex parte freezing injunction or in parallel:

  • We understand our clients’ business and provide advice that is always substantiated and relevant in both a business and a geopolitical context. We have made a conscious decision to create a leading Russian international private practice for our clients

  • We offer our clients a cohesive team of seasoned professionals who have first-hand experience of working on joint ventures, hostile transactions, projects and disputes with an international element both in Russia and abroad. Our team has the required legal knowledge, industry expertise, as well as the cultural and language skills to handle such engagements

  • We do not claim to be a full-service law firm, we intend to handle only the matters we are great at and try to select our clients and engagements very carefully. Our clients’ interests are protected by our experience and internal quality control procedures of the services we provide.

  • We handle Russian and international deals, projects and disputes from our headquarters in Moscow and through our network of leading correspondent law firms and lawyers around the globe that has been developed and proven by years of successful collaboration

Application form


RGD invites law students to take part in a unique six-month comprehensive internship programme!


  • A paid six-month internship, including time in each of the firm’s practices, which will provide an in-depth understanding of work in the legal profession and which will help uncover each intern’s individual talents

  • A flexible schedule and the ability to combine office and remote working

  • An opportunity to become part of a unique team of seasoned professionals, to use your knowledge in practice and, among other things, to get access to the experience of lawyers who advise Russian businesses on major Russian and international transactions and disputes

  • Participation in the firm’s key projects under the direct supervision of RGD lawyers

  • Mentorship from senior colleagues

  • The chance to gain valuable experience from working together with the top foreign law firms that RGD partners with

  • A unique programme of original seminars, workshops and training courses

  • An opportunity to strengthen and develop practical knowledge regarding key concepts of foreign legal systems and improve the English language skills

  • Immersion in the firm’s corporate culture

  • The possibility of further permanent employment



  • Master’s student in a law school at a leading university

  • Outstanding academic achievements

  • English language skills: Upper Intermediate or above

  • Hard-working attitude

  • Ambitious aspirations

  • Commitment

  • Strong interpersonal skills

  • Ability to handle stress

  • Willingness to work in a team

  • Ability to multitask successfully

  • Excellent sense of humour

Versatile academic interests, including in international and Russian court disputes, investment and commercial arbitration, and prior participation in Moot Court Competitions would be an asset.

The internship will start in April 2023 and end in September 2023. To apply, candidates are required to send a CV and a cover letter (each in Russian and in English) to before 15 March 2023.