October 29, 2020
Dmitry Dyakin elected to the Management Board of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs
Partner, head of RGP’s Arbitration practice Dmitry Dyakin was elected as a member of the Management Board of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RUIE).

The Union brings together thousands of the largest Russian companies – representatives of industrial, scientific, financial and commercial organizations from different regions across Russia. RUIE’s President Alexander Shokhin expressed confidence that Dmitry’s active participation in the activities of the Management Board would serve to uphold the interests of the business community and create a favorable business climate.

RUIE was established in June 1990 as a non-political organization aimed at protecting the interests of industry at the time of fast and large-scale transformations in the state politics and economy. It represents the interests of all Russian businesses irrespective of size, sector or regional location of companies. Its priorities include promotion of the business community interests in Russia and at the international level and consolidation of Russian industrialists and entrepreneurs` efforts for the development of business environment, as well as enhancing the status of business in Russia and the world and maintaining the balance of interests of society, government and business. Among other activities, RUIE is holding round tables and conferences to discuss the most pressing economic issues with the participation of representatives of the Russian and foreign business community, as well as heads of federal authorities. These forums help to determine solutions and formulate decisions that are subsequently made at the state level in the field of entrepreneurship and business in Russia.

For more information please visit the RUIE website.

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