February 2, 2021
Brill publishes a book with contribution from Timur Abushakhmanov
A contribution by RGP associate Timur Abushakhmanov appears in the book “The Law and Policy of New Eurasian Regionalization: Economic Integration, Trade, and Investment in the Post-Soviet and Greater Eurasian Space” edited by Anna Aseeva and Jędrzej Górski, published by Brill as a part of Nijhoff International Trade Law Series.

The Chapter 29 of the book titled “Maintenance of the Historic Title of Russia to the Straits of the Northern Sea Route in the Twenty-First Century” examines the legal status of the Northern Sea Route (NSR) straits.

The NSR provides a shorter route between Northern Europe and East Asia than any other route. Its importance for international commerce is gradually growing as, due to the melting of the Arctic ice, the NSR is becoming more navigable. This development spurs more debate on the legal status of the major NSR straits. Russia claims them to be its historic internal waters where it can control navigation to the fullest possible extent, while the United States disputes this claim. The chapter written by Timur sheds a critical light on the Russian characterization of the NSR straits as historic waters on the assumption that they are not used for international navigation. It also addresses the question whether the historic title of Russia can be maintained in case the NSR straits are transformed into the straits used for international navigation.

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