November 27, 2019
The course about history of money has been developed by project with support from RGP website has released the complete course “The history of money” developed with support from the law firm Rybalkin, Gortsunyan & Partners, Gauss Ventures fund and QIWI payment service provider.

The course views money as an inseparable part of human culture and relationships among people in different time periods.

In addition to five podcasts that Radio Arzamas released on a weekly basis from 17 October until 14 November 2019, the course contains other materials, including “10 unbelievable and sometimes illegal enrichment stories”; “World history of money in nine coins: from Persian Daric to Franc Germinal”; a test “Deal with historical currencies” in which a participant is asked to imagine that he or she is a German nobleman in the 16th century, or a pirate of the Caribbean sea, and to enter into a number of transactions using various monetary systems without going bankrupt; imaginary tweets about money problems from famous people that lived in different eras and a material about what served as a money substitute at the times when money was in short supply or inconvenient.

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