November 2, 2020
Recent Trends in Antitrust Laws: RGP Webinar on 6 November 2020
Nato Tskhakaya, the head of RGP’s Antitrust & Competition practice, and Anton Sheronov, a junior associate in Antitrust & Competition practice, will hold a bespoke webinar on the latest aspects of antitrust regulation in the Russian Federation.

The event will be held on Zoom, at 12:00 pm on Friday 6 November.


Abuse of a dominant market position

Digital era challenges: US, EU and Russia’s approaches to digital platform regulation

Tightening up anti-cartel laws

Foreign investments in strategic industries: amendments to legislation and the Russian Constitutional Court’s position on precedents

Antitrust control of advertising market

Unfair competition and first decisions on parallel import

Q&A session

The webinar will be held in Russian, it is free but registration is required.

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