November 21, 2022
RGD successfully hosted its own event at Dubai Arbitration Week 2022

Rybalkin, Gortsunyan, Dyakin and Partners law firm (RGD) successfully hosted event at the annual Dubai Arbitration Week 2022. The panel under the name ‘Impact of Sanctions on Conduct of Arbitration: Practical Issues’ covered pressing issues related to conduct of international arbitration proceedings affected by sanctions regimes.


RGD was the only Russian firm invited to contribute to the Dubai Arbitration Week 2022 agenda. The team was represented by four partners – Dmitry Dyakin, Vladimir Pestrikov, Dmitry Kaysin, Sargis Grigoryan (RGD International Armenia), Senior Advisor Anthony Walker and Counsel Yuri Makhonin. Two separate sessions of the event were moderated by Dmitry Dyakin and Vladimir Pestrikov turned to be the most attended event at the DAW 2022 with over 75 lawyers. The interest to the event was three times oversubscribed.


Practitioners from various countries were involved in a lively discussion as regards tools and options how to minimize the negative impact of sanctions, arrange formation of impartial and independent tribunal and ensure smooth and effective conduct of the proceedings starting from initiation of arbitration till the enforcement of arbitral award.


“I am delighted to be witnessing such a genuine interest to the topics we raised today. We work with clients from the most sanctioned country of modern era and we make all necessary efforts to figure out how to address various matters that our clients are exposed to in the situation of unprecedented turbulence. Sanctions deeply impact arbitration proceedings and cause new arbitrations creating bigger hurdles at the post-arbitration enforcement and set aside procedures. Our role as arbitrators to process these proceedings properly and in favour of our clients in order to ensure justice for all regardless their country of origin. I am grateful to the panelists and the honoured audience for their fair arguments and reasonable suggestions which again and again prove that truth sprouts in discussion”, said Dmitry Dyakin, partner and co-Head of the Dispute Resolution Practice at Rybalkin, Gortsunyan, Dyakin and Partners law firm.


"The panel discussion organised by RGD on the impact of sanctions on international arbitration was most informative and highlighted issues that have affected all stakeholders in dispute resolution. The panel experts were most informative and the event so well attended that it also provided a great opportunity to network!"

Stavros pavlou,
Patrikios Pavlou & Associates

“I thoroughly enjoyed RGD’s panel discussion, and it was certainty one of the highlights of Dubai Arbitration Week.”

 Sajid Suleman, No5 Barristers’ Chambers

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