March 25, 2020
RGP is always by your side #stayhome
Dear colleagues, friends,

We understand how crucial it is at this turbulent time to have a feeling of stability, protection and certainty about tomorrow.
<em>“People need hard times and oppression to develop psychic muscles.”Emily Dickinson</em>

Let us say immediately that we continue to work without interruption and to provide support to our clients just as efficiently as before, despite the introduction of our new ‘distance working’ regime. In this situation our office remains open and is well equipped with all necessary means of self-protection and is staffed with our administrative personnel, working in shifts.

All of our lawyers and other colleagues have constant access to all office systems and information resources, and are provided with laptop computers and audio-video systems to ensure seamless service. You can reach your regular contacts at RGP by e-mail, by landline and mobile phones 24/7.

Our main task remains assisting our clients with complex deals, projects and disputes and to support our clients, if not from the office, then remotely. This is particularly so when you need to make difficult decisions at a time of fast-changing conditions. We are carefully monitoring all legal issues connected with the challenges of the moment, such as potential applications to the CCI for force-majeure certificates, many of which may affect your business. We are enclosing a LEGAL ALERT on current legal aspects of COVID-19. We will be happy to take any questions you may have.

We have established a working group ‘fightCOVID-19’ which consists of our leading dispute resolution and corporate specialists. They will urgently deal with any current requests from our clients concerning legal uncertainties caused by COVID-19 (

Please don’t forget that you can always rely on us. All hard times come to an end: we will always stand by your side.


Suren Gortsunyan

Managing partner

Rybalkin, Gortsunyan & Partners

Press contact