February 15, 2021
RGP to act as a partner of 2021 Antimonopoly Forum, a flagship competition event
The 2021 Antimonopoly Forum will be held on 8 February 2021. It is a flagship competition event organised by the Association of Antitrust Experts and the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service.  Alongside other leading Russian and international law firms, RGP will be the Forum’s partner. Maksim Shaskolsky, Head of the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service, and Arman Shakkaliev, Minister for Competition and Antimonopoly Regulation of the Eurasian Economic Commission, will speak at the Forum’s plenary session.

Nato Tskhakaya, counsel and head of RGP’s Antitrust & Competition practice, will speak at session 2.1. entitled “Approval of Economic Concentration Transactions – How Can Foreign Investment Regulation Affect the Process?”

The Forum participants will also discuss other most relevant competition development issues in Russia and abroad, such as:

  • Is it necessary to change the approaches to antimonopoly regulation of ecosystems?

  • What new economic analysis tools are used to evaluate the digital platform markets?

  • Network effects, two-sided markets, essential facilities at digital markets – how does the regulator see this and can it change its mind?

  • The present and future of public procurement controls: form or substance?

  • Unfair competition: protecting competition or the consumer? Double standards in product composition, banks’ tricks, hidden unfair practices in product promotion.

  • What evidence should a company provide to the regulator to prove it is unable to dominate within a group and thus to avoid sanctions?

  • Is the future of individual antitrust lawsuits indeed pessimistic?

The Forum will be held online. Please click here to see the Forum’s full programme and register.

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