December 18, 2020
RGP Partner Dmitry Dyakin spoke at the Halliburton vs Chubb webinar attended by more than 500 viewers from 30 countries
On 17 December 2020 Dmitry Dyakin spoke at the webinar chaired by Sir Stanley Burnton to address contemporary issues of arbitrators’ duty to disclose in the context of recent English Supreme Court Judgement on Halliburton Company v. Chubb Bermuda Insurance [2020] UKSC 48. Circa 500 viewers from more than 30 countries attended the webinar.

On 27 November 2020, English Supreme Court issued an eagerly anticipated judgement on the case Halliburton v. Chubb considering the issues of arbitrator repetitive appointments, duty to disclose and apparent bias after oil giant Halliburton challenged whether an arbitrator appointed as chair to an arbitral tribunal in proceedings involving it and insurer Chubb Bermuda Insurance could act impartially in the case.

The Supreme Court extensively addresses the existence of duty to disclose under English law, explains the consequences of failure to disclose as well as provides for a comprehensive analysis of apparent bias given circumstances of the case.

Dmitry was invited to share his views in the panel among ten eminent global arbitration practitioners including prof. Gary Born, Khawar Qureshi QC, Hilary Heilbron QC, Essam Al Tamimi, Robert de By and Barton Legum, all chaired by the legendary Sir Stanley Jeffrey Burnton, member of Her Majesty’s Privy Council.


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