Our lawyers have handled some of the most complex internal and regulatory investigations that require cross-border and cross-discipline expertise. Our team involvement has assisted the clients to formulate their position very clearly, establish the strategy and, in most cases, to successfully  achieve the effective result for the client.

Members of our team have represented, among others, clients in the following landmark investigations*:

  • Advising a major private generating company in relation to investigations and legal proceedings in Cyprus and Singapore to retrieve evidence relevant to Russia-based proceedings, including the proceedings to issue a Norwich Pharmacal Order in respect of dozens of respondents

  • Representing a Russian power utility as a bankruptcy creditor of E4 Group owned by ex-member of the Russian government (Mikhail Abyzov) in locating funds and assets allegedly siphoned off by shareholders and management.

  • Representing a consortium of Russian power companies in connection with the investigation and recovery of a multimillion-dollar debt relating to the unlawful activities of the management and shareholders of the Energostream group.

  • Advising a leading Russian mining company in relation to the embezzlement and laundering of tens of millions of US dollar company funds by former top managers. The investigation involved multiple jurisdictions – Belize, Cyprus, Switzerland, Panama and the United States — and a number of civil and criminal actions against the wrongdoers. It resulted in almost a full recovery of misappropriated funds.

  • Representing a sovereign wealth fund of one of the CIS countries in connection with an investigation into the activities of the managers of certain mining and finance companies, as well as additional US, UK and Swiss litigation to identify and recover the misappropriated assets and money.

  • Representing a prominent Russian businessman as the subject of a financial regulation authority investigation by a Baltic country associated with the collapse and nationalization of a major local bank.

  • Providing strategic advice and guidance to senior management of a Russian business group whose principal was the subject of a widely publicized criminal investigation by Russian authorities.

  • Advising senior management of a Russian mining giant facing a massive class action claim ‎in foreign courts for alleged dishonest business practices and financial manipulations.

  • Representing a trading arm of a leading Russian metals producer in relation to Swiss criminal, arbitration and civil matters instigated by its partner to avoid payments under a very significant off-take contract.

  • Representing a leading financial and industrial group in an investigation into potential civil and criminal claims and providing advice in connection with EU and US sanctions relating to Crimea.

  • Advising a major Russian oil company in an investigation resulting in reporting to Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA of breach of the Federal Act on Stock Exchanges and Securities Trading.

  • Representing the majority shareholder of a leading independent service provider for oil field services in connection with discovery proceedings in the US under 28 USC § 1782 in support of the litigation in Europe. In particular, 12 petitions for discovery were filed and granted in four states.

  • Representing an ex-shareholder of a Russian pipe plant in BVI and Russian proceedings following the sale of shares in the plant for more than US$100 million.

  • Representing a major Russian oil company in a pre-trial fraud investigation involving offshore, European, CIS and US jurisdictions and relating to the theft of very substantial payments for oil delivered for processing in Ukraine.

    *This includes experience of our team members prior to joining RGD