Reputation Recovery

RGD lawyers possess extensive and in many ways unique experience in representing clients in cases of any complexity relating to the protection of honor, dignity, and business reputation, both in Russia and abroad. We also provide comprehensive support to reach an out-of-court agreement in situations where honor, dignity, and business reputation of our clients has been or may be damaged. In addition to that, we develop effective and comprehensive PR strategies taking into account all the legal and factual aspects, and have ample experience in maintaining constructive relations with the Russian and foreign media, as well as in providing routine legal support to our clients’ press services.

RGD lawyers have supported clients in the following landmark projects*:

  • Providing comprehensive advice to a private client from Forbes Russia’s Top-10 list and representing this client in matters related to the protection of honor, dignity, and business reputation and general PR matters in a number of jurisdictions. Specifically, among other things, our lawyers provided strategic guidance, coordinated foreign advocates/consultants in different jurisdictions (including the UK, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, France, and Croatia), and completed legal preparation for disputes concerning the protection of the client’s honor, dignity, and business reputation in foreign jurisdictions (with positive outcomes, including prohibitory injunctions against foreign media favoring the client; written declarations to the effect that third parties discontinued disseminating defamatory statements in relation to the client, etc.). Our team was involved in the development of comprehensive PR strategy, providing legal advice to the client and the client’s PR office, handling media relations, and preparing requests to publish a response, rebuttal, etc.

  • Providing legal support to the PR department of a major Russian investment holding company, handling relations with the media, filing requests to publish a response or rebuttal, managing claims, and representing the company in legal proceedings, including those in foreign jurisdictions.

  • Representing a prominent Russian businessman (included in the Forbes Russia list) and related companies as part of the efforts to prevent dissemination of defamatory statements in the media and the Internet.

  • Representing a major Russian businessman in a dispute over the removal of articles discrediting the honor, dignity, and business reputation considered by Latvian courts, as well as in connection with the enforcement of interim measures imposed as a result of this dispute (enforcing the request that the unwanted articles be blocked).

  • Providing comprehensive services to protect the rights and interests of leading Russian chemical and energy companies and related individuals, including appealing to law enforcement agencies and the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor), with positive outcomes (blocking of access to the web resources containing defamatory statements).

  • Advising a prominent Eastern European businessman on addressing articles that affect business reputation.

  • Representing a world-famous British architect in connection with articles in Russian mass media containing defamatory statements about the construction of an office building in Moscow.

  • Providing advice to a Russian investment fund on the removal of a defamatory article published on the websites of Russian and US mass media.

  • Advising the CFO of a major German home appliance retailer in connection with defamatory media articles.

    *This includes experience of our team members prior to joining RGD.