IP Contracting

Our IP team supports our foreign and Russian clients on the following issues:

 • Preparing IP-related documents


 • Advising on contractual breaches


 • IP theft


 • Protecting trade secrets and know-how


 • Building appropriate business processes and preparing documents in connection with IP product creation


 • Protecting IP rights in connection with software and other IP asset development and work-for-hire


 • IP related unfair competition and antitrust issues


 • Collaborating with Russian state authorities


 • Preparing complaints and communicating with infringers


 • Preparing and negotiating settlements


 • Representing clients in courts

In particular, our lawyers have advised clients on the following IP-related matters*.

  • Representing Russian screenplay writers in connection with literal piracy and infringement of author rights to a screenplay during the filming and distribution of a motion picture in Russia

  • Assisting a Swedish multinational retail-clothing company with licensing work and maintaining trademark customs recordals; handling anti-counterfeiting work in Russia and other CIS countries

  • Representing a US-based online auction and e-commerce corporation in a dispute with its client arising from poor quality of services and the relevant financial claims being raised against the corporation; the outcome of the proceedings was that a confidential settlement was agreed

  • Advising Etalon Group, one of the Russia’s top 10 major developers, in connection with the acquisition of a 35% shareholding in QB Technology, a UK-based innovative construction company and acquiring a set of IP rights in order to establish a similar hi-tech construction project in Russia

  • Registration of trademark portfolio in Russia and international recordals for "Secure Information Zone" company (BIZON, LLC), advising on claims work

  • Advising a U.S.-Russian manufacturer of corrugated paper and cardboard, paper and cardboard packaging on cross-border transfer of personal data and on cross-border software sublicensing issues

    *This includes experience of our team members prior to joining RGD.