Online & Offline Infringement

Our IP team supports our foreign and Russian clients on the following issues:

• Monitoring domain names in .ru, .ua, .lt, .ee, .lv, .kz, .by, .md, .am, uz, .ge, .tm, .az, and .kg domain zones subject to unlawful use of a brand


• Advising on domain name issues


• Analysing an online resource (contents of a website), including online shops, marketplaces, social networks and search engine advertising


• Blocking phishing and fraudulent resources


• Advising on offline IP infringements, including outdoor advertising, unlawful use of business name, trade name, slogan, trademark or copyright in the infringer’s sales point


• Advising on the illegal use of patented right


• Brand dilution issues


• "Trade dress" protection


• Deliberately misleading advertising and unfair competition


• E-сommerce –  termination of violations in the e-сommerce


• Investigations regarding the physical location of the infringers’ storage facilities / production facilities


• Performing test purchases


• Preparing expert opinions for the courts


• Collaborating with the Russian state authorities on IP infringement matters


•  Preparing and negotiating settlements


• Representing clients in administrative, criminal and civil proceedings with respect to online infringements


• Arranging for brand protection by the customs in Russia and EAEU and CIS countries


• Holding training workshops regarding IP protection for enforcement and customs officials

In particular, our lawyers have advised clients on the following IP-related matters*.

  • Representing a major Russian bank in disputes over infringement of exclusive rights to ATM software considered by the US and Russian courts (the amount of the dispute is approximately $90 million)

  • Representing a German car manufacturer and Germany’s largest retailer of household appliances in domain disputes before Russian courts

  • Advising a US-based multinational company, one of the Big Five tech companies investing in search engines and services, cloud computing and advertising technologies, on user support issues and its communications with government agencies, legal entities and individuals in connection with various IP infringements

  • Representing a major US manufacturer of construction and mining equipment in a number of civil and criminal cases in connection with illegal production and sale of counterfeit goods CIS-wide; handling numerous administrative proceedings to prevent brand dilution and eliminate counterfeit products and illegal production facilities in Russia

  • Advising and representing in court and before governmental agencies the world’s largest US-based toy company in connection with various copyright and trademark infringements, anti-counterfeiting and copying of the owner’s well-known brands in Russia and CIS-wide

  • Handling various IP infringement cases (online and offline) for LEGO Group, representing before Russian customs, police, antimonopoly authorities, handle administrative, criminal court proceedings, advising on trademark and copyright customs recordals, advising on regulatory issues in Russia, domain name infringement issues, etc.

  • Assisting a Swedish multinational retail-clothing company with licensing work and maintaining trademark customs recordals; handling anti-counterfeiting work in Russia and other CIS countries

  • Advising a French independent pharmaceutical company on anti-counterfeiting and parallel import issues, advise on customs protection

  • Representing a US-based online auction and e-commerce corporation in a dispute with its client arising from poor quality of services and the relevant financial claims being raised against the corporation; the outcome of the proceedings was that a confidential settlement was agreed

    *This includes experience of our team members prior to joining RGD.