Personal Holdings and Trusts

Doing business involves multiple risks, which is why HNWIs and UHNWIs may need to separate business assets from family property. Our firm offers legal services in connection with setting up personal holdings, trusts, and other structures for managing diversified assets in a wide range of jurisdictions.

We help our clients find the right way to structure their assets to ensure control over their property and prevent possible risks.

Selected experience*

  • Advising family offices of a number of Russian HNWIs on the purchase of real estate in Russia and abroad

  • Establishing a family trust with a complex asset structure, incorporating multiple tiers and jurisdictions

  • Structuring holdings, including offshore holdings for several UHNWIs

  • Advising a wide range of UHNWIs on structuring and managing their personal funds

*This includes experience of our team members prior to joining RGD.