Foreign Exchange Regulation

We offer a wide range of services related to foreign exchange regulation, including international settlements and transactions involving foreign currency assets. Our team offers comprehensive legal assistance to mitigate all related risks.

Selected experience

  • Advising private clients on the application of foreign exchange legislation and special economic regime (counter-sanctions) in relation to cross-border transfers and payments, using foreign accounts and Russian Type C accounts, and dividend payments in favor of non-Russian participants (shareholders) of Russian companies

  • Advising a foreign confidential client on opening and using a bank account in Russia as well as completing cross-border transfers and payments through this account

  • Advising a confidential client on using a foreign bank account to make transfers and payments related to doing business in Russia

  • Advising a confidential client on the use of funds credited to a Type C broker account and securities transferred to a Type C securities account by non-Russian nationals associated with states that have taken unfriendly actions against the Russian Federation, Russian legal entities, and Russian citizens

  • Advising a confidential client on using funds credited to a Type C bank account for transactions