Social Responsibility

Our primary goal is to help businesses, and by extension, people. 

Every day, we take part in solving complex problems and resolving conflicts, we protect interests and defend rights, face injustice and offer support. Our firm continues to grow and develop as well as our social responsibility and sustainable development. At RGD, we strongly believe that a responsible and ethical business is a more successful one over time.


In our social work, we focus on helping people with disabilities, supporting environmental initiatives, popularizing sports and healthy lifestyles, promoting art and culture, and participating in research and education.


Green Pledge Members: Supporting Environmental Projects


As a large company, we are keenly aware of our responsibility to today’s society and to future generations; and therefore, we seek to achieve sustainability in everything we do. 


In 2021, RGD joined the Green Pledge Protocol’s Campaign for Greener Arbitrations looking to raise awareness about the arbitration community’s sizeable carbon footprint.


We call on all arbitration practitioners to adopt the campaign’s Guiding Principles, to sign the Green Pledge, and to start reducing their carbon footprint. The term “Green Pledge” was coined in 2019 by international arbitrator Lucy Greenwood who undertook to conduct all proceedings in an environmentally friendly manner. The Green Pledge attracted the attention of the entire professional community with hundreds of people signing up over a short period of time. Arbitrators from many countries supported this large-scale campaign to address the issues of waste accumulation and unnecessary travel that often arise in international litigation.


We endorse the greener arbitration campaign and understand that reducing our industry’s carbon footprint is an essential contribution towards protecting our planet. 


Founders of Red-Blue Community: Supporting Sports and Healthy Living


The CSKA soccer team is one of the oldest and most renowned clubs in the history of Russian soccer, winner of multiple honors and awards. The team has millions of fans and supporters in Russia and across the globe.


RGD founding partners Ilya Rybalkin and Suren Gortsunyan are devoted CSKA fans. In 2021, they founded the Red-Blue Community (RBC), an autonomous nonprofit organization that brings together club fans from different walks of life.

RBC’s mission is to develop a brand new format of communication that can help PFC CSKA advance and promote its image of a socially responsible organization. The community is also looking to popularize sports and implement a series of charity projects.

RBC is financed through founder contributions and donations from individuals and organizations. 

To follow RBC activities, please join us on Facebook.




  • Popularizing and promoting the development of inclusive soccer for children in Russia

  • Finding soccer talent in the Russian provinces and bringing the candidates to meet PFC CSKA recruiters

  • Holding a soccer championship for orphaned children

  • Providing support to children with disabilities

  • Creating a new resource to search for young soccer talent in Russia

  • Developing local soccer schools

  • Organizing and coordinating the workings of the fan community 

  • Posting information about RBC activities on social media

  • Hosting events featuring celebrities and famous athletes for club members

  • Raising money for charitable purposes

  • Promoting healthy living among orphans and children from single-parent and problem households and encouraging them to learn to play soccer



  • An inclusive soccer team for children with cerebral palsy was created in collaboration with PFC CSKA and provisioned with everything the children need to start playing, such as uniforms, medical care, and a gym. Young players have already been taking part in tournaments and friendly matches

  • The PFC CSKA fan club for people with disabilities received financial support that has enabled club members to attend their favorite team’s away matches

  • Activities have resumed to offer legal aid to the PFC CSKA fans involved in the Rome incident

  • Legal support was provided to the PFC CSKA fans detained during the match against Zenit

  • Social support has been provided to the Sychevka Social Rehabilitation Center for Minors

  • A new version of the PFC CSKA anthem was recorded as well as a few tracks composed by fans


Friends of the Tretyakov Gallery: Supporting Art and Culture


In January 2022, RGD joined the Tretyakov Gallery Loyalty Program that brings together companies interested in development opportunities for their staff looking to keep abreast of Moscow’s contemporary cultural scene. 

The program members contribute to the Gallery’s mission to conserve, restore, acquire, and exhibit works of art and engage in research and education. All the money raised is used to fund the Gallery’s exhibitions, educational programs, and research projects as well as restoration, procurement, and publications.


The program membership is an excellent opportunity to support and promote arts and culture.



Arzamas Partners


For over three years, RGD has been partners with Arzamas, an educational project on history, literature, art, anthropology, philosophy, and other humanities.


In 2019, published a course History of Money developed with RGD support where money is studied as a part of culture and interpersonal relationship throughout different eras. The course also includes supporting materials on the topic.


In 2021, a podcast “I Would Like to Believe” was released on Arzamas Radio with RGD support. It shares the stories of four prominent clerics: Father Alexander Men, Father Alexander Schmemann, Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh, and Archimandrite John (Krestyankin).

In 2022, RGD supported new project by - a podcast “Feeling the Northwestern Elephant”, dedicated to the life and work of Pyotr Mamonov, a legendary Russian underground musician.