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Employment Law Practice

Our team members have extensive experience advising on a variety of employment law issues, including:

- Developing stock option plans for leadership and employees

- Hiring and firing top managers

- Settling labor disputes

- Developing corporate bylaws

- Protecting personal data

Selected experience*

  • Advising a top executive of an upscale online apparel seller on signing a stock option agreement

  • Advising Visa International on a wide range of employment law, protection of personal data and compliance issues

  • Advising WPP Group on a range of employment law issues, including layoffs, labor disputes, signing and terminating labor contracts with executives, etc.

  • Advising a major international insurance company on CEO dismissal and subsequent litigation

  • Advising a major European bank on employment law issues in connection with its plan to discontinue operations in Russia

  • Advising a major Russian energy player on post-merger employee transfers

  • Advising a major international hotel group on employment contracts with hotel managers

  • Representing a large FMCG player in connection with its staffing policy and related measures: developing a roadmap, preparing required documents, and offering ad-hoc consultations regarding employment law issues

  • Advising a major automotive player on recent legislative developments in connection with COVID-19

  • Advising leading European banks on compliance of their Russian HR policies with local regulations and on the need to develop new HR policies to meet the requirements established by Russian law

  • Advising a large Russian oilfield service company on wages and bonus pay issues, as well as on the specifics of operations in the Far North

  • Providing legal support to employers in the course of labor disputes regarding reinstatement of employees and lost earnings due to forced absence from work

  • Advising employers and employees in connection with various dismissal disputes

  • Drafting corporate bylaws: Code of Conduct, Confidentiality Policy, Wages and Bonus Pay Policy, Employee Privacy Policy, Company Vehicle Policy, job descriptions, and more

  • Drafting various forms of labor contracts, including contracts for remote employees, mobile workers, contract termination agreements, directives and notices regarding layoffs and staff optimization plans, etc.

  • Performing annual analysis of legislation governing the relationship with temporary employees, interns, and outsourced personnel, including analyzing current legal norms, changes in the industry, and prioritizing risks for the employer on request of an American TNC to assess the employment law risks for its representative office in Russia

    *This includes experience of our team members prior to joining RGD.