Sanctions Dispute Resolution

Selected experience

  • Representing the world oil and gas leader in a high-stake ICAC arbitration against an affiliate of a major Russian oil company with respect to drilling and oil production equipment which was not supplied due to force majeure resulting from US and EU Ukraine-related sanctions against Russia

  • Representing a confidential client in a SIAC arbitration in connection with termination of an EPC contract due to US sanctions

  • Representing a Russian construction company in an ICC arbitration in connection with a European company failing to pay over 10 mln euros due to US sanctions

  • Advising a Russian company on the approach of European and Asian arbitration institutions to considering disputes involving listed persons and providing advice on entering into arbitration clauses to ensure effective access to justice in the course of resolution of international disputes

  • Advising a Russian construction company on obtaining a potential court injunction from a Russian arbitrazh court with respect to an ICC arbitration in accordance with Article 248.2 of the Russian Arbitrazh Procedure Code

  • Representing a Russian state-owned company subject to US and EU industry-specific sanctions before Russian arbitrazh courts in connection with a failure to supply equipment to foreign counterparties due to EU sanctions

  • Preparing a memorandum and advising a Russian state company subject to US and EU industry-specific sanctions on the prospects of court proceedings in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Taiwan against a supplier who failed to perform its obligations with respect to supply of equipment due to EU sanctions